Magical Artworks Available for Licensing

If you want to see my art on your products,
here is a selection of ready to use illustrations 
that are available for licensing.
Colors can always be adjusted to your needs.
It is also possible to license other illustrations that 
you may find on my Instagram feed.
Click HERE to get in touch.

Example of how color palettes can be changed:


Moon Goddesses

Sleeping Goddess

Self Love

Self Love

Your Body Loves You

Speak To Yourself

Always Been Enough

Glow Differently

My Body My Choice



Love Myself Deeply

Love Myself More

Worthy Of Love

Self Love Mirror

Find Acceptance

Positive Affirmations

I Desire

I Am Ready

Good Energy

Create My Reality

I Am Divine

Within Me

At Peace

Be Unique

Already Mine

At The Right Time

In Control

I Love Life



I Have Time


Watch Me Manifest

My Intuition

Celestial Magic

Moon & Secrets

Falling Stars

Trust The Universe

What You Need

Never Alone

A Sky Full Of Stars

I Told The Stars

Growing Magic

Steal Your Magic

You Are The Magic

Under The Same Sky

Don't Hide Your Magic

Reach For The Stars

I Look For You

One With The Universe

My Art On Your  Products