Christmas Shipping Deadlines


This Christmas can be the most magical ever if you have decided to get something from the shop.

Here are the shipping deadlines for you to respect to make sure you receive your package in time for Christmas!

(Even Santa 🎅🏻 needs some early time to get organized!)

Art Prints, Mini Prints, T-Shirts, Mugs, 2023 Lunar Calendars

Canada: November 30th

Australia / New Zealand: November 30th

Japan: November 30th

USA: December 11th

Europe: December 14th

UK / Ireland: December 14th

Iceland / Liechtenstein / Switzerland: December 14th

Denmark / Norway / Sweden: December 14th

2023 Calendars

Japan: December 8th

Canada: December 12th

Europe: December 15th

Australia: December 10th

USA: December 14th

Denmark / Norway / Sweden: December 14th

New Zealand: December 17th

UK / Ireland: December 18th

Iceland / Liechtenstein / Switzerland: December 18th