Step 1) Choose the picture you would like to be illustrated

Make sure the picture is HIGH QUALITY for the best result


Step 2) Select  the number of people in the picture

Please note that a pet counts as a person, so if you have a picture of a girl and a dog, you will need to put “2” in the option “number of people”


Step 3) Once purchased send me an email

I will need your email with:

- The photo you want to digitize

- The color you would like the background to be

- The desired dimension if you plan to print it


Step 4) I will send you an email to confirm your order and start illustrating

The process usually takes 3-5 working days.


Step 5) You will receive the draft of your illustration88

Don't worry: you can make any changes you want until you are completely satisfied with the result.


Step 6) Once you are happy with the result, I will send you the high quality JPEG file ready to be printed and the print guide!


I will put the illustration on 2 different backgrounds:

- A background with the color you have chosen.

- A background with a color that suits the photo according to my taste.