The "Self Love Workbook" designed for all women who want to find self confidence and mental health.

The Self Love Workbook

Discover a new approach to life that will allow you to find love and trust in yourself and finally understand how to increase self-esteem, recognize your own worth  and connect with yourself.


“Self love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it.”


 -Vex King, Good Vibes Good Life

❌ You can't fully love yourself and your life


❌ Low self-esteem and low self-confidence


❌ You struggle to find joy and love in little things


❌ You are not the best version of yourself yet


❌ You still have many small insecurities that hurt your soul


❌ You often feel lost and without a precise direction


❌ You always see the negative side of things


❌ You think you are not good enough


❌ Your emotions are a roller coaster and this creates instability


❌ Every time you set yourself new goals but you can't reach them


❌ You think other people's lives are better


❌ You worry about the judgment of others


❌ You have low energy during the day and cannot act as you would like


❌ You are unable to release your light and your worth into the world


Do these situations sound familiar to you?


If the answer is yes, don't worry it's normal. We've all been there …





Wow! I just read through the pages of the workbook ✨

So creative and imaginative

I actually have goosebumps!


Truly wonderful idea and such a lovely self care workbook

So powerful and so detailed I absolutely love it! ✨💕


I can’t wait to start it! I already have such wonderful ideas to note down and share 🌸

You should be so proud Melania!


This is truly special and can tell so much love and your heart went into creating this.

I love the ‘self love jar page’!



It's time to react and take your life in hand in a simple and fun way


Finally, here is a practical and effective workbook that will allow you to connect with yourself in a short time and finally release your inner light.


Designed for all those girls and women who, just like me, could not love each other due to the judgments of others and preconceptions that society, as we grow, imposed on us.


Get more confidence in yourself, more self-esteem, more joy, and more happy days without having to rely on others but only on yourself and your light. 


Take control over your life!

✔️ You will finally discover how to release the light that is locked inside you and that you are hiding


✔️ You will love yourself like never before and you will find serenity and peace


✔️ You will learn to release positive vibrations to the Universe in order to obtain further positivity in return


✔️ You will be able to transform your imperfections into strengths


✔️ You will discover that within you there is value that the world is waiting for, even if you do not understand it right now


✔️ It will make you dig so deep inside you and truly speak with yourself


✔️ You will transform in a short time and without even noticing the best version of yourself


✔️ You will build empowering habits that will change the vision you have of yourself


✔️ You will learn to finally focus on the    things that really matter in life without wasting time on useless things.

⭐️ But most of all ⭐️


✔️ You will break a negative loop of thoughts and actions that are sabotaging your life and potential right now.


✔️ You will have access to exercises, lists, files and checklists that I myself use to achieve my goalsin a constant and predictable way and not to lose course

and much much more ...


No useless theory, just simple, profound, fun and useful exercises!

Trust me, you will be amazed at how this new approach to life and to yourself can drastically change the course of your life





I read through your workbook and absolutely fell in love! I can definitely see the work and love you put in it 💗✨




Why should everyone have at least one self love workbook in life?


Because love for yourself allows you not only to discover who you really are, but to truly accept who you are with all your heart.


With this acceptance comes the freedom and confidence to live your life to the fullest.

It is time to overcome insecurityand self-sabotage.


It's time to build your love for yourself and transform your attitude, emotions, and overall outlook on life!


This helpful workbook (with interactive and practical tips, tricks and exercises.) allows you to raise the awareness that you are a special woman as you discover how to better accept and love your true self.

It's time to love yourself and become more confident!

How It Started

Hi, I'm Melania, nice to meet you!

I am a digital illustrator and my mission is to convey positivity and motivation through my art (with a celestial touch✨).


I decided to create this workbook for the little me of some time ago: a girl who just didn't know what it meant to love herself.


That girl has grown into a young woman who has decided to unleash her full potential.
I would have loved to have had a workbook like this to facilitate this journey!


That's why I hope you will find it useful too.
You deserve to be able to look in the mirror and fall in love every day.

Never forget that.

What will you find inside?




Mood Tracker

A mood tracker is the best way to follow and track your moods or feelings.

It is easy to use and will help you calibrate and control your moods.


Habit Tracker

Thanks to this, building a new habit will be a piece of cake.

Track and enjoy learning at least one of the 9 recommended habits.


Pages Of Reflection

This exercise will help you connect with your inner part that is insecure and unloved.

You will be able to transform your imperfections into strengths.



Allow your mind to brainstorm. You will be amazed at how many new things will come out!





There are tons of ways we can show love to ourselves, and I've put together some of the most important (and the funniest!) in this workbook.

They will give you some ideas on how to treat yourself.



30 Day Self Love Challenge


Within this workbook I will challenge you to become the best version of yourself.


There will be a 30 Day Challenge that will build new habits and will help you show yourself some love with small and easy tasks.



How To Set Goals


There cannot be a dream or an improvement, without having set small goals, small steps that every day, week or month will give you the security of being on the right path towards self-improvement.


I will reveal you how you should set a goal and you will finally understand why you have not achieved all your goals so far.



Self-analysis Exercises


Without self-analysis we would not go far..


This is the most useful exercise: thanks to the right questions you will be able to find out what is really in your mind and what are the reasons that drive you to improve.


Trust me: asking yourself these questions will change you and this section alone is worth more than any price.



The Wheel Of Life


The wheel of life helps you understand how balanced your life is right now.


Thanks to this exercise you will understand which areas of life to improve and thanks to the right questions you will understand how to do it.

Journaling Prompts


As you already know, journaling is the best way to truly connect with your true self in a deep way. With these prompts, it has never been easier! 



50 Positive Affirmations


Affirmations, if repeated constantly, have the power to enter the subconscious and to generate a magical effect that will help you without making any effort.




1. List of songs, podcasts and books for self love

Through these lists you will discover the songs, podcasts, books and authorities of this sector that have taught me the most and inspired me to change my life, my vision of myself and improve my mental health.


2. Wall Art

You will also find the printable files + the size guide of the perfect illustration to remind you to love yourself.

Hang "You are Worthy" on your wall so it can work as a reminder to show yourself some love.




Inside the workbook, I have included a nice surprise that will help you (just as it did with me) during your special journey towards mental and physical well-being.

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Who is it not for?



It is not for those who think that loving oneself is selfish.


It is not for those who think they already know everything and think they are already the best version of themselves (if you believe it, I'm sorry for you: there’s always space to grow every day)


It is not for those who do not want to make a little effort to love themselves


If you are among them, leave this page now!